5kw Cast iron Crofter Wood burning, Log Burner, Multi Fuel Stove

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5kw Cast iron Crofter Wood burning, Log Burner, Multi Fuel Stove

This clean burning efficient stove is perfect for small fireplaces, canal boats, Yurts, bell tents, summer houses - the list is endless! Our aim when designing this stove was to make a modern efficient cast iron stove with the same clean burning system as some of our larger models. We have also incorporated new technology into this stove that includes a push shut separate ash pan door and super pre heated airwash system. The separate ash pan door is perfect for forcing larger amounts of air into the fire when lighting and the new airwash system draws in air from the rear, forces it over the fire and onto the glass. This heating effect is proven to be one of the most effective ways of keeping the glass clean. Designed in Hampshire and constructed in our factory from thick mineral cast iron this stove will stand the test of time and represents amazing value for money. 

The Crofter is small but still has a sizeable firebox for a stove of its size (240mm deep, 260mm wide). We have found that on other very small stoves, the fireboxes could only hold a few bits of kindling so we have designed this stove with very short legs so we have been able to keep a sizeable firebox.

 Stove Dimensions Height 525mm High - 565mm including flue outlet 

Width 385mm Depth 360mm (Excluding ash lip 300mm) 

Distance from back of stove to centre of top flue outlet 110mm 

Distance from floor to centre of rear flue outlet 400mm 

Outlets 125mm 5" top and rear flue collar included