8kw Classic Vision Wood burning, Log Burner, Multi Fuel Stove

About The Stove

The 8kw Classic Vision stove is from our reliable and very popular range of Coseyfire stoves. This 8kw contemporary cast iron stove has an ample combustion chamber that can be filled with good sized seasoned logs, or smokeless coal. This is one of the more modern and contemporary units we have in our Coseyfire Cast iron range. The Classic Vision has a range of features including pre-heated airwash, multi-fuel grate, air tight seals and a choice of top or rear flue outlets. It is a bargain at the current price.

The top air control allows the air to be directed down the glass to keep it clean and add secondary air to combustion for a more efficient stove (75% efficient). The Classic Vision has a good sized flat top that is great for cooking on. The thick cast iron body retains for a long period of time, reducing the need to refuel the stove all evening long. We are so confident of this products quality we offer a 100% no questions asked returns policy. Just send it back and you will receive a full refund for the stove, excluding shipping fees.

Over Night Burn

The Coseyfire Classic Vision has an excellent overnight burn system. Its air tight door gaskets and manually controlled air flow controls allow you to close the stove right down overnight and wake up to a warm house in the morning. All you will need to do is reopen the air controls, add a little coal or wood and watch the fire roar again.

8kh Classic Vision Wood Burning Log Burner


Stove Features

  • Heat Output : 8kw
  • Pre-heated airwash system: Yes
  • Outlet : 5" (125mm) top and rear
  • Over night burn : Yes, Very efficient and easy to achieve
  • Heat resistant glass: Yes, German Schott glass
  • Efficiency : 75%
  • Multifuel, with ash riddle : Yes
  • Airwash : Yes
  • Cast Iron : Yes
  • Approvals : CE and BSEN approved
  • Firebricks : Fully lined with cast iron fire bricks
  • Bits and bobs : Oven glove, Ash pan, Full manual
  • Steel baffle plate : Yes

Stove Construction

Body - The Classic Vision is hand made from thick Australian cast iron virgin ore and has a very smooth blemish free surface. Many stoves, including expensive brands still use re-melted scrap for their castings. The high phosphorous and sulphur content of re-melted scrap leads to subsequent cracking of the stove.

Grate - Cast iron multi-fuel grate for wood and smokeless coal.

Fire brick - Fully lined with cast iron fire bricks

8KW Classic Vision Wood Burning Log Burner