Traditional Beams provide a comprehensive range of oak beams. If you’re looking for a beautiful oak fireplace beam or even a large quantity of structural beams for a much bigger project then we have you covered! We are confident we will be able to find you a prefect solution for your project.

All of our beams are air dried between one to three years. We can supply oak beams in many forms. All oak beam have a natural drying process in which they will develop further crack and splits. This only adds to the beautiful characteristics. Knots are another distinguishing characteristic which gives the beam a natural rustic charm. 

Sawn oak beams often have a weathered dark look to them. This colour can vary depending on the position of the beams in the pack.

Our Planed oak beams are a lot lighter in colour as we remove the weathered surface. Often the surface of these beams only need a light hand sand before they are ready to finish in wax or oil.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of beautiful oak fireplace beams, we offer a stunning range of fully finished oak mantels. They are ready to be installed above your wood burning, multi-fuel or gas stoves. 

Oak Beams

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