The Flavel Rochester 7kW Multifuel / Wood Burning Stove

The Flavel Rochester 7kW Multifuel / Wood Burning Stove

The Flavel Rochester 7kW Multifuel / Wood Burning Stove is a stylish stove with beautiful curves and impressive chrome detail. The Rochester 7kW has a robust steel body accompanied with a large cast iron door, top and feet. The Rochester has an impressive 7kW heat output making this stove suitable for medium to large sized rooms. The strong airwash assists in keeping the glass clear so the relaxing flickering flames can be watched.

The Flavel Rochester 7kW Multifuel / Wood Burning Defra stove enables you to burn wood in UK Smoke Control Areas, It has been developed to meet DEFRA stringent approval.

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  • 5kW
  • Steel body
  • Cast Iron Door
  • Airwash System
  • Defra Approved
  • 74% Efficient
  • 10" log length
  • Externally controllable riddling system

Flavel Rochester Multi Fuel, Wood Burning Stove, Log Burner Installation Kit

The Flavel Rochester 7 multifuel stove is a modern day classic crafted with high quality castings. The stove door has a curved design and is fitted with a choice of cast-in trim available in polished silver or plain black finish.

The Rochester is also suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas, as recommended by DEFRA and can operate at a maximum heat output of 7kW, with an Energy Efficiency Index 97 % making it ideal for medium to large rooms. Optional Output Reducing Bricks are available to reduce the maximum heat output to 5kW.


The Flavel Rochester 7 is a lovely, versatile stove that features an attractive curved door, decorative top plate and leg plinth in cast iron combined with a sturdy, steel body. 7kW nominal heat output or can be converted to 5kW nominal heat output using optional reducing bricks.

The brand new 2016 Flavel Rochester is a beautiful, stylish design that compliments any fireplace. The Rochester has a strong steel body with a cast iron plinth, top and door and contrasting polished handles and name-plate band.

The Rochester has a nominal heat output of 6.9kW that is great for larger spaces but by fitting optional reducing bricks, the output can be reduced to 5kW making it perfect for smaller rooms and also removing the need for additional ventilation airbricks.

The Flavel Rochester multi-fuel stove allows you to burn a variety of solid fuels or logs, has a 73.8% efficiency rating and is packed with the latest innovations in combustion and controllability. Set the optimum burn rate easily with front facing primary and secondary air controls and keep the viewing window clear with the Rochester's airwash system. An external riddling grate control allows simple ash collection and super primary burn airflow.

The Rochester is DEFRA approved for use in smoke control areas so you can legally burn wood or solid fuels anywhere.


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Flavel Rochester Multi Fuel Stove



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