5kw Coseyfire Elegance CLEAN BURN Contemporary Modern

5kw Coseyfire Elegance CLEAN BURN Contemporary Modern

5kw Coseyfire Elegance CLEAN BURN Contemporary Modern (This listing is for the the 5kw version without the log store)

This advanced range of high quality contemporary steel stoves has been carefully designed by the Coseyfire team to offer great value stylish products for a fraction of the price. We offer 4 different styles, 5kw with or with out stand and 8kw with or with out stand. All units are made from high quality steel and professionally welded with full CE and British standard data plate.

5kw Elegance CLEAN BURN Log Burner ,Wood Burner, Multi Fuel Stove


The stoves base does not exceed 100c and is stated so on the data plate. In turn this means the stove can be fitted directly onto a 12mm hearth (Very important for free standing installations). Extra large log retainer. It is a common question asked whether we can supply taller log guards, so on this unit we have incorporated a chunkier and taller log retainer to prevent fuel falling out of the stove. At the same time we also designed a very durable new multi-fuel grate mechanism. Fixed secondary/clean burn system at the rear. This sucks in air from the rear passes it over the fire and helps to re-burn the initial smoke produced by the fire. This makes the stove very efficient and eco friendly. This system is usually seen on a lot more expensive stoves and will save you a fortune on fuel over the years. 

  • Heat Output : 5Kw
  • Pre-heated airwash system: Yes (Controlled by knob above the door)
  • Outlet : 5" (125mm) top and rear
  • Over night burn : Yes, Very efficient and easy to achieve with a well constructed fire.
  • Heat resistant glass: Yes, German Schott glass
  • Efficiency : 73% +
  • Multifuel, with ash riddle : Yes
  • Airwash : Yes
  • Clean burn : Yes
  • Primary air flow : Yes (Contolled by spinning the chrome dial on the door)


  • Steel : Yes
  • Approvals : EN Approved, CE approved
  • Guarantee : 2 year
  • Firebricks : All sides lined
  • Bits and bobs : Ash pan tool, oven gloves
  • Bafle plate : Yes
  • Spare parts available : Yes
  • Stove Dimensions Height 500mm 520mm with outlet on top
  • Width 420mm
  • Depth 280mm
  • Distance from back of stove to centre of top flue outlet
  • 140mm Distance from floor to centre of rear flue outlet 400mm
  • Outlets 5" top and rear flue collar included
  • Power: 5kw 


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